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PUFFCO+ — The Author’s Pen

So, a few weeks ago the fabulous people at the Puffco vape pen company asked me to try their new dabbing vape pen, the PUFFCO+, and sent me one to try out. I have to say this was really wonderful because as many of you know I am currently finishing the manuscript for my second […]


Chai and Thai! Chai Masala Blend Recipe

If you are a regular here at Hempista, we’ll venture a guess that you’ve had Thai — chocolate thai, lemon thai, pineapple thai, being the most popular thai strains circulating nowadays. They are among my favorite strains–especially for afternoon tea! These flowers really do live up to their legendary status; and as sativas, paired with […]


Getting The Most Out of Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain management is the number one reason that people obtain their medical marijuana cards in states where this is legal like California. If your doctor has written your cannabis card or recommendation for you, you are now free to walk into any dispensary and select the pain management that works best for you. Today […]


Identifying Authenticity and Quality in Cannabis Artisanship and Authorship

Yes, another day–another day of some knucklehead in the cannabis industry lifting my photography or other content to use on their sites. There’s a lot of cannabis recipes and related article content online–and for the average cannabis and hemp consumer/maker/researcher the sheer volume of recipe and article content can be overwhelming in terms of identifying […]


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