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Domácí konopné recepty

Domácí konopné recepty – The Cannabis Spa at Home in the Czech Republic

I was pleasantly surprised (stunned, actually) to find that the Czech language rights to my book had been picked up by Fontana Publishing of the Czech Republic and that a beautiful new edition of The Cannabis Spa at Home has been translated into the Czech language. Where do I start with this? It’s stunning and […]

blackberry leaf lotion

Wild Lotion: Blackberry Leaf and Lavender Cannabis Lotion Recipe

An amazing thing is taking place in California right now–it’s blackberry blossom season. Soon these same abundant wild plants will have berries to share with us and other wildlife. But if you thought that the blackberry was all berries, and pies, and a major inconvenience if you happen to fall into a patch of these […]


Getting The Most Out of Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain management is the number one reason that people obtain their medical marijuana cards in states where this is legal like California. If your doctor has written your cannabis card or recommendation for you, you are now free to walk into any dispensary and select the pain management that works best for you. Today […]

420 gifts aroma

Two Must-Haves For Your Cannabis Den (And awesome gifts for the 420 holiday too!)

Stadler Form Jasmine Diffuser Cannabis as an aromatherapy practice is an emerging trend in aromatherapy–and likely one that is here to stay! I wrote about this in my book, The Cannabis Spa at Home–some of my favorite techniques for infusing essential oils into cannabis vapor. One of the greatest products that have hit the market […]


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