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The Cannabis Spa at Home

Where Can You Purchase Topical Cannabis Products Like Salves And Lotions?

It’s widely known that cannabis helps treat a number of medical conditions, both by ingestion and when smoking it. But, did you also know that cannabis can be used as a topical salve or lotion to relieve pain and other uncomfortable symptoms? More importantly, these topical cannabis lotions and salves don’t get you high so […]

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Five Reasons Cannabis is Better Than Pharma Analgesics For Chronic Pain

1. Cannabis is far less toxic than pharmaceutical drugs like opiates and NSAIDs. This is a very good reason to use cannabis for your chronic pain if it works for you! Deaths from NSAIDS, deaths from opiate pharmas, deaths from tylenol. Either the cannabis industry is doing a better job of hiding all of the […]

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The Big Day is Here! The SpaKind App Kickstarter Launches!

Please support our Kickstarter campaign today! If you love my recipes, site, and book, you are going to love the new SpaKind app. Find your kind of spa–SpaKind is cannabis spa anytime on your mobile device! All *NEW* content and features are coming in this app–and yes there is a free version and a premium […]

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Cool Off Now With My Summer Sun Tea Recipe–Make It Your Way!

Sun tea is one of those summer staples that I can’t do without. Sure, I could boil water or mix up instant tea, but why do that when you can make a gourmet, chef-worthy sun tea with the same tea bags you are about to boil and a handful of your favorite fresh herbs or […]

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Ital Jerk Chickpea Snack Recipe..oh yummmmm!

These crispy jerk-seasoned roasted chickpeas are a great anytime snack or complement to your meal. As an allergy patient, I’ve enjoyed studying and experimenting with the principles of Ital cooking–Ital is the health-conscious lifestyle of the Rastafarian faith which embraces very nutritious fresh foods, no or low salt, no alcohol, ferments or grapes, with a […]

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Supplement Your Wellness Regime With Charlotte’s Web™ Hemp CBD Extract Oils

This blog is sponsored by CW Botanicals today–I’m proud to have CW Botanicals as a sponsor, and feature their herbal hemp supplement products here. And I think you’ll appreciate the sincerity and talent that goes into producing such high quality and trustworthy hemp extract products like Charlotte’s Web™ Botanicals. What is Charlotte’s Web™? I thought […]

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