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Identifying Authenticity and Quality in Cannabis Artisanship and Authorship

Yes, another day–another day of some knucklehead in the cannabis industry lifting my photography or other content to use on their sites. There’s a lot of cannabis recipes and related article content online–and for the average cannabis and hemp consumer/maker/researcher the sheer volume of recipe and article content can be overwhelming in terms of identifying […]


Adventures in Wildcrafting with the Summit+ Vape!

Many of you know that I am a avid wildcrafter. I am particularly fond of wildcrafting invasive plants, not only for the wonderful medicine, food, and pleasure they have to offer, but also because wildcrafting invasives is a great contribution to the environment as a whole. Invasive plants have a lot offer! Best of all, […]


#HempHistoryWeek is this week! Hemp for Health and Recreation Too!

June is the month we celebrate hemp and hemp history–and this week just happens to be Hemp History Week! Did you know that less than 100 years ago it was legal for anyone to grow hemp on their farms and private gardens? Hemp, the non-psychoactive variety of the cannabis plant was grown for thousands of […]


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