When Discrimination Kills: Attitudes About Food Allergies

As many of our regular readers know, I suffer from life threatening food allergies for which I must carry an EpiPen like a ball and chain wherever I go. These food allergies are a part of my defective immune system which includes multiple autoimmune conditions as well. People with […]

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    Prohibition Propaganda Stands in the Way of Mental Healthcare Again

Prohibition Propaganda Stands in the Way of Mental Healthcare Again

Mental illness is poorly understood, and mostly feared, stigmatized, or simply ignored – unless it qualifies as the topic of the news or a TV series or a movie for some reason. In the limelight it remains mostly poorly understood and inaccurately represented as well, although some decent insight […]

Cannabis Rose Butter – Simple and Luscious

If you’ve read my book you’ll remember some of the recipes based on this variety of rose, the Apothecary Rose. This is an ancient heirloom variety of rose that has a powerful fragrance and outstanding medicinal properties that are beneficial for all skin types.

Cannabis and rose together make […]

Allergy Season Is Upon Us – HerbPharm to the Rescue!

Allergies are an important topic this time of year and something I post a lot about all year long here at Hempista. Allergies are an immune system disorder for which there is no cure and can range from being miserable and irritating in the spring and fall to being […]

Preservatives: What They Are and Why You Need to Avoid Them

Our biosphere is an interesting place. One of the most important functions of the biosphere is to recycle organic material back into the chain of life. The way our biosphere does this is with the help of microorganisms that begin to feast immediately on organic material that has died […]

Spring Citrus Blossom Living Water Cannabis Clay Mask

Today I wanted to talk about a technique for making cannabis spa preparations, like clay masks and lotions that I like to call the living water technique. This is a fresh whole plant technique that is just like raw juicing and raw food preparation that you are probably already […]