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The Cannabis Spa at Home

Hot & Tired Feet at #BEA15 ? My Sorry-It’s-Not-Legal-Yet-In-NY Lemon Mint Cold Cannabis Salve Recipe

If you are attending Book Expo America #BEA15 you probably already know how much wear and tear your feet will get at just about any professional trade show. And if your feet don’t hurt at the end of day one–just wait for Friday–am I right? I have found, here in my medicinally-legal cannabis state of […]

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Marijuana Spa Potions: The Best Fats for Cannabinoids in Spa IMHO :)

*Author’s note: I’ve opened this article again and updated it due to it having a bit of viral activity on Facebook last week! I’m glad that this is a topic of interest and I am pleased to share my own findings as a home herbalist that has been preparing cannabis spa massage oils, salves, lotions […]

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Not a Headshop: How Inhale Mercantile Is Changing The Conversation

Headshop. That word is almost as dreadful as “dab rig” in my cannabis dictionary. These aren’t pretty words. They’re the language equivalent of a dude spread on the train. And what kind of images come to mind when you think of a headshop? I think the problem with most headshops is that they function in […]

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One World Cannabis: Topical Cannabis Medicine Research in Israel

It comes as no news to patients that have been using topically-applied cannabis preparations that this stuff works for us. There have even been some clinical studies supporting the efficacy of external-use cannabis for conditions like skin rashes or lesions as well as joint and muscle pain and inflammation. I had the pleasure and honor […]

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Cannabis Rose Butter – Simple and Luscious

If you’ve read my first book you’ll remember some of the recipes based on this variety of rose, the Apothecary Rose. This is an ancient heirloom variety of rose that has a powerful fragrance and outstanding medicinal properties that are beneficial for all skin types. Cannabis and rose together make an intoxicating scent. And I’m […]

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The Cannabis Spa at Home–A Journey I Share From My Heart

The Cannabis Spa at Home: How to Make Marijuana-Based Lotions, Massage Oils, Ointments, Bath Salts, Spa Nosh, and More As many of my regular readers already know, my new book, The Cannabis Spa at Home, is launching on October 6 and is already available for pre-sale from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I sincerely hope […]

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