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The Cannabis Spa at Home

Supplement Your Wellness Regime With Charlotte’s Web™ Hemp CBD Extract Oils

This blog is sponsored by CW Botanicals today–I’m proud to have CW Botanicals as a sponsor, and feature their herbal hemp supplement products here. And I think you’ll appreciate the sincerity and talent that goes into producing such high quality and trustworthy hemp extract products like Charlotte’s Web™ Botanicals. What is Charlotte’s Web™? I thought […]

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Marijuana Allergies – Hear it straight from a REAL anaphylactic allergy patient!

Carrying EpiPens for life-threatening allergic reactions will make you an expert regardless of your desire not to be an expert. And for the record I also consume cannabis medicinally. Today I’m going to address the issue of allergies to cannabis and hemp. And I’m not a doctor, of course not. Earlier this month, Roger Daltrey […]

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Mom’s Salve: A Fresh and Warming Ginger Cannabis Salve For Deep Pain

Today’s recipe is for my friend Kim’s mom who has RA/inflammatory arthritis like I do. Kim is the founder of the fabulous Inhale Mercantile store in Denver, so please check it out! Anyways… Kim’s mom has this inflammation in her shoulder joints which is probably one of the most difficult places to medicate with cannabis […]

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Cannabis Salve for Pain- Neuropathy – Yep, I had shingles. :(

* I’ve updated this recipe from last year with a main option and an additional option for preparing this salve. Thanks for all of the feedback, I’m glad you like it! One of the things you might have to endure if you are an autoimmune, AIDS, organ transplant, cancer or other kind of immune-compromised patient […]

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Hot & Tired Feet at #BEA15 ? My Sorry-It’s-Not-Legal-Yet-In-NY Lemon Mint Cold Cannabis Salve Recipe

If you are attending Book Expo America #BEA15 you probably already know how much wear and tear your feet will get at just about any professional trade show. And if your feet don’t hurt at the end of day one–just wait for Friday–am I right? I have found, here in my medicinally-legal cannabis state of […]

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Marijuana Spa Potions: The Best Fats for Cannabinoids in Spa IMHO :)

*Author’s note: I’ve opened this article again and updated it due to it having a bit of viral activity on Facebook last week! I’m glad that this is a topic of interest and I am pleased to share my own findings as a home herbalist that has been preparing cannabis spa massage oils, salves, lotions […]

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